Episode #17 – Oops…Buddy got Weinery Again!

Episode #17 – Oops…Buddy got Weinery Again!

The tripod is back in full effect! This episode, Crunchy explains why Air Bud is one of the best mixed genre movies of the nineties and why dog movies always make him cry; Jefferey discusses adventures with random groups of friends and why they are the best adventures; then Hershel bats cleanup and expresses him love for the pop princess and sacrificial lamb of early 2000’s. All that an more on the Millennial Nostalgia Berry Podcast!!!!

This weeks berries:

Movie: Air Bud (15 min) 

Video Game: Fuzion Frenzy (49 min 51 sec)

Music: Brittany Spears – Ooops I Did It Again (1 hr 20 min 30 sec) 


Twitter: @TripodPengyous



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