MNB’s Big Announcement!!!

MNB’s Big Announcement!!!

The MNB podcast has an exciting announcement! We are expanding our content by adding two new shows under the Millennial Nostalgia Berry Banner.

We will continue our original show, the Millennial Nostalgia Berry Podcast, where every episode we discuss a movie, a video game, and an album we experienced growing up as millennials.  We will also continue to release Crunchy’s solo podcast, Crunch Time, where he discusses international education and education in the 21st century.

Our first new show, MNB’s After School Special, we will discuss afternoon and Saturday morning cartoons and television shows we used to watch and all of the merchandise that encompasses growing up in the 90’s

Our next new show, MNB’s Sitcom-a-Con, we will discuss the Sitcoms that we all watched with our families and how they affected our views on society and formed our values.

Now even more ways to devour those sweet, delicious, nostalgia berries.

Enjoy and don’t forget to make yourself part of the conversation on the website and on twitter @Tripodpengyous.

Berry Berry Y’all

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