Sitcom-a-Con #2 Saved by Ellen’s Critic

Sitcom-a-Con #2 Saved by Ellen’s Critic

The Lesbian Godfather, Gabby Gabriel,  joins the Tripod for episode #2 of MNB’s Sitcom-a-Con!

Gabby is also an author, artist, community organizer, and software designer. She is an expat who created LesQueer to connect people from the expat and local LGTB community and provide a safe and supportive network.;;

WeChat ID: LesQueers; gabbygabriel

Instagram: gabbycgabriel; Shanghailovenotes, LesQueer

This weeks berries:

Hershel – The Critic ( 1994-1995) 17min 30 sec

Gabby – Ellen (Sitcom; 1994-1998) 45 min

Jeffery – Saved by the Bell (1989-1993) 1 hr 19 min


More information about Gabby Gabriel:

Twitter: @Tripodpengyous

Instagram: millennial_nostalgia_berries

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