MNB Disney Special – With Toni! (Looking for Laowai)

MNB Disney Special – With Toni! (Looking for Laowai)

In this very special episode, Hershel and Jeffery are joined by Toni from the Looking for Laowai podcast. Toni is an American expat living in Shanghai. She works as Charity manager at Community Center Shanghai organizing charities like the Giving Tree, and co-hosts the podcast Looking For Laowai.

They discuss gender roles in Disney cartoons, what it means to be a protector, and the influence of Disney on Millennials.


Looking For Laowai Description: What does it mean to be foreign in a globalized world? Join us, a diverse team of curious-minded expats, as we delve into the fast-paced world of Shanghai, and explore what it means to be a laowai (or “foreigner”) in China in this bi-weekly podcast. Through stories from expats, Chinese locals, and everyone in between, we look at the laowai experience from every angle. This season, we explore themes ranging from friendship and dating, to culture and racial dynamics.

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